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You will be pleased to know that there isn't too much to read for today's task. Your job is to follow yesterday’s plan and write about either Augustus Gloop or Veruca Salt. You could write like Roald Dahl or David Walliams and use humour or you could craft your own style of writing to describe these despicable children. You could write about what they look like, that they do and their family. You may want to organise your writing using paragraphs. Spend no more than 40 minutes on this task and use the last 5 minutes to read over and check your work.





Tricky – Adjectives from the word mat, FANBOYS conjunctions.

Trickier – Adverbs, ISAWAWABUB conjunctions.

Trickiest – Similes, ISAWAWABUB conjunctions at the start or in the middle of your sentences.


Good luck and remember, no work tomorrow!



As you have lots of written work to do today, I have once again included a link to a quick SPaG game for you to play! Have a go at either the punctuation or grammar section today.