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I can write descriptive sentences.


For today’s task, I want you to write 10 sentences about your character. Don’t worry about including them in a paragraph yet, just concentrate on writing the best descriptive sentences that you can.


You should use yesterday’s word bank as well as the resources included with yesterday’s work to make sure that you are using the best descriptive words and that they are spelt correctly. Write sentences about their appearance, actions, family and home.


Choose your challenge:


Tricky – adjectives, FANBOYS conjunctions self-correcting basic punctuation.


Trickier – adjectives, adverbs, FANBOYS conjunctions and checking punctuation including commas.


Trickiest – adjective, adverbs, ISAWAWABUB conjunctions, similes and being able to start sentences with adverbs. 


At the end of the lesson, read over each sentence and put a star next to your best sentence and think about what makes it so good. You might also think about which sentence is the weakest and what could be improved next time.

SPaG - When did it happen? Spend no more than 20 minutes working on how to use a fronted adverbial for time.