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I can create an advert for my Wonka product.


For today's task, you will be creating a poster advert for your Wonka product. Your job is to persuade someone to buy your product. You will need to use your best words from yesterday to describe what your product is and why someone should purchase it.


You might want to include:


  •  A slogan for your product.
  • A Wonka logo.
  •  Details about the golden ticket competition.
  • Eye-catching colours.

I have included some examples of printed adverts below as well as a Powerpoint about features of adverts.


Take your time and plan out your poster before you start on your final design.

Poster Advert Examples

SPaG - Recap over Comparatives and Superlatives

For today's SPaG we will be recapping over comparatives and superlatives. Read the Powerpoint above and see if you can include any in your poster. Could your chocolate bar be advertised as the greatest or tastiest?