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Today is a bit of sneaky practise. We are adding equal groups. So its repeat addition (multiplication in a different way)


So, each group is worth the same. 4 groups of 6 is 6+6+6+6 and the answer is 24.


That is the same as doing 4 x 6, but as we haven't practised our 6 times tables, we can still find the answer by adding together the equal groups.


So. What is the answer to 4 groups of 3?

What about 3 groups of 6?

How about 4 groups of 4?

7 groups of 7?


You can definitely use your counters and objects to help with your addition. If you also want to write down each step so you keep track I think that is a good idea.


So, if I was doing the 4 groups of 6 question, I could count on 6 more from 6, getting to 12. I write that down, and then start again by counting on another 6, I get to 18, which I write down. Then I count on another 6 and I get to 24.



Year 1 -Lesson 4 - Add equal groups