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I can improve simple sentences by choosing appropriate adjectives.



Choose to complete either the Tricky or the Trickier challenge for today.





Improve these sentences. Use the word bank underneath to help you or you can use your own ideas to fill in the gaps.



  1. I felt __________ when I was at the ____________ camp.
  2. Om took me to the _______ place.
  3. We walked a long way until we reached the ______, ______ cave.
  4. I saw the _________, __________ animal paintings. 




Word Bank for each sentence.



  1. scared, happy, pleased, Stone Age, exciting, friendly
  2. special, exciting, amazing, secret
  3. dark, scary, damp, cold, dank
  4. beautiful, life-like, amazing, wonderful, detailed






Can you write your own sentences about the story? Use adjectives to improve your sentences.


Use these words to help you.


torch, bear, animal, cave, Om, I, walked, crept, fire, painting, scary, wild, spooky








Can you improve this section out of the story by including appropriate adjectives and improving some of the highlighted words?

Remember to use:


  • Adjectives.
  • Past tense.



As the days became weeks, Om and her people taught me many things such as _________ and __________.I felt very happy because ___________________. Then one day, Om took me to a special place. We walked a long way until we came to a _________   __________  cave. Om struck flint stones together to make fire. She lit a  __________ torch and we went in. “WOW!” said. 

“Follow me,” Om said. I noticed the walls were covered in  ________ animal paintings. In the flickering light of the torch they looked real, as if they were running all around us. Om went over to the tools and paints the artists had left and began to draw. Suddenly, I saw something __________move in the darkness. It was a _______bear, a big furious cave bear!