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STARTER FOR EVERYONE Start today's English lesson by completing this spelling activity. You should know from school whether you are group A or B.


Today you need to write about your elf/sprite (the one you though of on Tuesday)

On p20 there is an example (a WAGOLL) for you to look at.  Do you remember the subheadings you chose on Tuesday?  These can be your 5 paragraphs.  If you find that difficult write less paragraphs (it should take you about an hour).


*******Make sure you watch my English lesson below before you start writing.**********



  • Engage the reader
  • Technical vocabulary to make you sound like an expert
  • Use a thesaurus to find interesting verbs and adjectives
  • Set out in paragraphs

Today I would like you to do 2 activities:

p7 'What a Pair of Wellies' and p12 'Walking in a Winter Wonderland'