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SPaG Starter - Sentence work

Underneath Audio

In our geography lesson this week, we have been thinking about what is underneath our feet. For today's task, we will be imagining an exciting world that could be underneath the ground. The story is called 'Underneath'.


Once you have read and listened to the story you are going to try and answer some of the questions in your book. There aren't necessarily right or wrong answers as the questions are about your thoughts about the story. Remember to write your answers using full sentences in your book.


Tricky - Try to answer the first five questions using full sentences in your book.


Trickier - Try to answer each question in your book. See if you can use because, when or if to extend your answers.


Trickiest - Complete the trickier challenge and then see if you can think of three more questions about the story. Write these in your book and remember to include question marks.