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 Reading Quiz


1. Why do you think these trolls hide in their caves during daylight?


Write the answer that is the best fit.

a) Trolls like the dark.

b) Trolls would be turned to stone.
c) Trolls would go blind.

d) Trolls would go swimming.


2. Write out the words that suggest Landra did not really want to go and rescue
the ship at first?

Suddenly, Skess jumped up, pointed at the horizon and roared. “Landra, look, a three-masted ship. I think it’s in trouble!” Landra followed his gaze and stared at the magnificent ship, pitching and rolling on the bubbling
sea. “Let’s wade out and pull it into shore,” Skess said, setting off down the beach. Landra frowned as it was already very late and the sun rose earlier and earlier in late spring, but then he jumped down from the cliff
and followed close behind.


3.  Below, the sea bubbled and foamed.


What do the words bubbled and foamed suggest about the sea?
Write the answer that is the best fit.

a) The sea was like a fizzy drink.

b)The sea was boiling.
c) The sea was very stormy.

d)The sea was calm and relaxing.

4. Write out the words in this paragraph that tell you that there might be danger
ahead? One has been done for you.


One stormy night, two mischievous trolls called Skess and Landra perched
together on the craggy cliff, watching. Below, the sea bubbled and
foamed. Above, the full moon glared down, casting a long shadow across
the ebony beach. In the distance, they could hear the low rumble of the
other trolls, feasting on their hoard of freshly caught fish.


5. How do you think Landra felt when Skess ran off down the beach? Use clues from the text to help you.


6. How do you think the trolls felt and the end of the story? How do you know?