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Good morning Year 1!


Today we are lookING at usING our brains and rememberING to apply our knowledge when addING suffixes to verbs.


A suffix is something that you put at the end of the root word, and in this session you will be lookING at addING the suffix ING. Now I'm sure some of you were already checkING with the adults who are helpING you about what strange sized letters I have been playING about with. Well, that's because I wanted you to see the suffix nice and easily.


Below are the root words and how the words change to become future or present perfect tense. (Don't worry about what those words mean just yet!)


All these words are verbs, which if you remember is a doing word.


remember becomes remembering

look becomes looking

add becomes adding

check becomes checking

help becomes helping

play becomes playing


And finally


use becomes using 


Now, you've got two challenges for todays phonics session.


First, can you think of ten verbs of your own and add the suffix ING to the end.

Second, you may have noticed that use becomes using loses its E at the end and you add ING. Can you think of any other verbs that end in E and lose their e when you add the suffix?

Today’s high frequency words

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