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Apostrophes For Possession

SPaG Starter - Can you write a sentence for each picture. The first one has been done for you.

I know the features of a diary.

I know the features of a diary.


Choose one of the three examples of diary entries below. 


A - Tricky

B - Trickier

C- Trickiest




Once you have chosen your level of challenge, read through the diary entry. What do you notice about it? Can you find evidence of the following features?


  • Includes the date or time.
  • Written in first person (this means that it uses the words I, we, my, us).
  • Uses informal, chatty language.
  • Tell the events in time (chronological) order.
  • Includes the writer's emotions and feelings.
  • Written in the past tense.
  • Uses time conjunctions (before, after, eventually, first, next, later, earlier, meanwhile, finally).
  • They sometimes include speech. "What would you like for breakfast?"  Dad asked, as I raced downstairs.



You can either write the features in your book and the evidence below it or you could print the sheet and highlight the different parts.