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Harry the Poisonous Centipede



In today's extracts, the author is trying to create tension with their writing. In the first extract, George and Harry are in a room with a Hoo-Min. In the second extract, George had gone up the Up-Pipe again to try to find a Hoo-Min. Harry and Belinda have decided to go up the Up-Pipe to rescue him. We are going to look at how the author is creating tension with their word choices. First, we need to learn today's new vocabulary:



Once you have done this, read the two extracts below. Once you have read it once, try to read it aloud with pace to increase the tension.




Task: for today's task, we are looking at ways that the author has made the text tense. I have done the first extract:


As you can see, there were lots of different techniques that the author has used to create tension. Once you have found these in the first extract, see if you can find similar techniques in the second extract. There is a template below for you to use.