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Learning Objective - I can expand my vocabulary by learning new words



This term, we have been studying 'The Iron Man' as an example of an approaching threat story. In this story, we have identified the character of The Iron Man as being a threat to Hogarth and the farmers. We have also had a sneaky clue that there way also be an additional threat of a creature that looks like a dragon from space!


This half term, we will be writing our own approaching threat story. Before we can do this, it is important that we look at an example of a WAGOLL (what a good one looks like).


Task One: Read the WAGOLL below.



I'm sure that there were parts of that story that were difficult to understand because of the unknown words. Today's lesson is to learn the meaning of these words and also explore similar words and opposite words.



Task Two: Read through the words and phrases below and find out their meanings. You could use the link to the dictionary below.



Task Three: Look at the nine new words on the vocabulary sheet. Use the online thesaurus below to find out a similar word (synonym) and and opposite word (antonym). Write these on the sheet below.



Can you submit the work via and please email if you are unsure of anything and we can get back to you as soon as possible.

WAGOLL - The Space-bat-angel-dragon Arrives