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Forces of Nature

Poetry Reading Lesson 2



For today's lesson, we will looking at the next poetry lesson. This poem follows on from Monday's reading and also follows the theme of 'forces'. Our key question today is:
















Task 1


Before we start, lets have a listen to the poem. Click on the sound link below to hear me reading this poem or read it to yourself if you'd prefer. I want you to have a think about what this poem might be about. Is it about a monster? Is it a beast? Could it be about something else?



Before we read the poem again, lets have a look at some of that tricky vocabulary from today's poem.








Once you have had a go at reading these words, have a look at the meaning of each word below. Once you have done this, read the poem again and see if it makes more sense.


cowers - crouch down in fear

glowering - to have an angry look on your face.

brutish - rough or unpleasant.

runs amok - behave uncontrollably.

bracken - a large plant that grows in the countryside

shale - a type of sedimentary rock.



Now that you have done that, write out and answer the following two part question in your book.




a) What is the poem about?

b) What is happening in the final verse of the poem