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English - I can write an approaching threat story.


For today's task, we will be writing the 4th and 5th paragraph. These are much shorter paragraphs. For help with this, please use the bullet points below and join the class meeting at 9:10am.



Paragraph 4


  • The Iron Man reaches towards Hogarth.
  • Hogarth closes his eyes in fear.
  • Hogarth is frozen to the spot in fear and worries that this could be the end for him.


Paragraph 5


  • Hogarth comes to his senses and dodges the huge iron grasp of the Iron Man.
  • He runs home as fast as he can to warn his parents.
  • He wonders if anybody will believe him.

The Wild Robot



For today's reading lesson, we are looking at a fiction text that you will be familiar with. We have been reading the story of The Wild Robot as our class text this month. For this lesson, we will be pretending that we don't know what happens next in the book and we will be using our detective skills to make sensible predictions based on text clues. Before we read the text, we will look at some of the tricky vocabulary from this extract.




Read through this vocab find the meaning of each word or phrase.



Our two questions today are:






Task: Read the poem below and see if you can use the clues within the text to make a sensible prediction about the story. Underline the text if you can.


Your second question is about what the story tells you about the properties of rock? 



If you need any help with this, please email or join the live lesson at 9:10am.