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The Victorians


Click on the document below to find a range of different activities that you need to complete about our new topic, The Victorians. We have given you a range of reading comprehension tasks about The Victorians in your home learning packs so you can use this information to help with your research.  Each week you will need to complete one task from each of the sections:


Knowing, Understanding, Applying, Analysing, Creating, Evaluating.


This means that, each week, you will complete 6 topic activities which can be recorded in your exercise book, done online or in any creative way you like e.g poster, powerpoint etc.


You can do them in any order, which ever you find the most exciting. If you have any questions about these tasks please email:



In science this term we have been looking at animals including humans.  We have already learnt a lot about animals including their basic needs, comparing animal babies and adults and what makes a healthy diet for humans.  If you would like to continue your learning in science, then you could choose an animal to research and maybe create a fact file, poster or powerpoint about it.  


Next term we are due to move on to learning about different habitats around the world, life cycles and food chains so why not begin to find out as much information as you can about these things.  You could draw the life cycle of an animal of your choice in your home learning book - a good choice of animal could be a frog or a butterfly.