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We will keep adding to this part of the Home Learning page too.

The Blooms Taxonomy WW2 table gives you many ideas to develop your knowledge and understanding on the war through a range of activities. Choose one or two to complete and record some of what you learn in your books. You could also take photographs

WW2 Learning Grid

Cameron's Powerpoint on WW2 to inform and inspire you.

Get creative!

If you want to do something a bit more artistic and you have the materials, why not try creating a self-portrait?

There are many ways in which you can do this; below are just some examples. You might choose to create something  in 3D or use computer technology. 

This is not compulsory homework because you may not have the means but if you can, give it a go.


Some of you may have seen this listed under Useful Links on the Year 6 page, but if you haven't it's a reminder of another way you can develop your creative skills.

You could try writing out your compositions by listing the symbols. I'll look into a better way to do it and let you know.

Enjoy the music!

Incredibox V3: Over Your Head

A six minute demo of Version 3.