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Tuesday 05.05.020

LO: I can write a persuasive brochure.


Today I want you to write the first two paragraphs of your brochure. The reason I only want you to do the first two is so that you can take your time and make them absolutely perfect. You will need to think about:



*Full stops and capital letters (especially for the name of your theme park and the name of rides)

*A question mark for your question

*Include all of AFOREST

*Perfect spelling

*Commas in lists

*Fronted adverbials

*A subordinate clause e.g. The Chocolate Swirl, our smallest ride, is perfect for children under the age of 5.

*Language to really grip and engage the reader.


If you prefer, you could type your brochure up on a computer but I would still like you to make sure you have made it as accurate as possible.