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Tuesday 16.06.2020


In this picture, we can see there might be a problem! Does the hamster know the cat is there? Is the cat trying to trap the hamster? Maybe they are friends and are playing hide and seek. Is there another character that we can’t see, like a dog and the cat is actually trying to save the hamster? What are the names of all the characters?

Your story could be about the game they are playing, how the hamster got there in the first place or even the ‘escape’ and how the hamster will get back to his cage safely. This could be a bit like Tom and Jerry.


E.g.” 7, 8, 9, 10 ready or not here I come,” shouted Ginger. Now where was Hermy? He was always amazing at hide and seek and in the last 145 games that they had played, Hermy had never been found. Well today would be different…