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Tuesday 21st April

My Inventor...

My inventor...


Write a paragraph about your inventor. What do they look like? Where do they live? What do they invent?


Think about how you can set out your description. Your first paragraph could be about what they look like, the second about where they live and the third about what they invent. Use yesterday's plan to help you to describe your character.


SPaG - I can identify a paragraph.

Read over the short extract (it is repeated so just do the top one). Your task is to decide where a new paragraph should go. To do this you need to work out where the subject of the text changes.


You can choose to either:


  • Read out the text and say where the new paragraph should start.
  • Print the document and add a // where the new paragraph should start.
  • Write the text out in your home learning books and set it out using paragraphing. 


Once you have completed the task, look at the answers and see how well you did.