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I can punctuate direct speech

Today you are going to take your learning from last week's SPaG lessons and apply it by punctuating an extract from "The Wyrmstooth Crown'. Choose your level of challenge and look at the missing punctuation marks at the top of the page. Copy out the extract neatly but include the missing punctuation. Once you have finished, carefully check over your work before looking at the answers to mark your work. Today is an excellent opportunity for you to focus on your presentation so make sure your writing is neat and your spellings have been copied correctly.

SPaG - I know what a subordinate clause is

Choose your challenge and spend no more than 20 minutes completing each sentence by adding more detail to the subordinate clause.

In addition to this, could you please listen to another chapter of either:


  • The Wyrmstooth Crown (link below).
  • The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (found on the main English page).
  • The daily David Walliams audiobook (link found on the Year 3 main page).