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I can create my own Willy Wonka word mat.



Follow Quentin Blake’s instructions to draw Willy Wonka. Create your own word mat for writing about Willy Wonka. Surround your picture with words or phrases that would help you to write a descriptive paragraph about the marvellous inventor.


Tricky – focus on his appearance and personality. Example: Long, pointed nose.

Trickier – what he does or how he acts Example: Sweet inventor/chocolate creator

Trickiest – where he lives. Can you use a simile?

Examples: He lives in a factory that is as magical as a _______. There is a river of chocolate that weaves through the factory like a ______


Keep your work neat and make sure that it is something that you are proud of!


How to draw Willy Wonka with Quentin Blake

Get your pencils ready because Quentin Blake himself is about to show you how to draw Willy Wonka! Meet the greatest chocolate making genius that's ever lived..


Optional Drawing Task


If you enjoyed following the instructions above to draw Willy Wonka , you may enjoy the link below that shows you how to sketch Disney characters. There are lots of different characters on the playlist 'Disney Parks - How-To-Draw Series' on Youtube. Please share any art on our Seesaw page!


Disney's How-To Draw...

SPaG - What are verbs?


Visit the website and learn about verbs.


Now watch the cartoon below once through to enjoy it. On the second viewing see how many verbs you can spot in the video. Remember these can be the actions of the main characters or even the actions of things in the background so look closely! How many did you find? Maybe you could have a competition to see if you can get more than your family members!

Smash and Grab | Pixar SparkShorts

How many verbs can you spot in this short film?