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The First Two Finders

The First Two Finders - Interview.


Today’s task is to read or listen to Chapter 6 using the links below. In this chapter, you will meet the first two winners of Mr Wonka’s Golden Tickets. What do you think of them? 


For today’s task you are going to be a television interviewer, like the man in the Augustus Gloop clip below. It is your job to ask one of the children, or their parents some questions. What would people want to know about these ghastly people?


Choose your challenge:


Tricky – Think of 5 questions to ask the children or parents of either child.

Trickier – Think of 6 questions that you would like to ask them. See if you can write a question for each of the following – Where/When/Who/What/Why and How.

Trickiest – Do the trickier challenge but see if you can imagine what the answer for each question would be.



Read over each question and carefully check your punctuation. 

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