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I can invent my own Wonka product.




Willy Wonka is planning to release a new chocolate bar or sweet which contains a golden ticket. He has come to you, as lead designer at Wonka, to create it. For today’s task, you need to come up with the idea for either a chocolate bar or a new sweet and design the packaging.You might also want to start thinking about a name for your product. In the book, the bar that contains the golden ticket is called the ‘Whipple-scrumptious Fudgemallow Delight’. Can you guess the ingredients for this chocolate bar? 


Above, I have included a section of text from Chapter 2 to give you an idea of the amazing things that Wonka can make. Below, I have included an old advert (from when I was young) for some sweets that were available to buy in the 1990’s.


I’m looking forward to seeing your fantastic ideas on Seesaw.

Wonka Xploder UK 1999 Advert