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Get those home learning counters out again! Again, see how many you can carry ( I wonder if you use your tshirt as a sling to carry extra, or the pockets of your trousers shorts or dress you could carry more..).


Now, group your objects into groups of 5.

How many groups do you have?

How many objects in total?


Can you take away 10 from your total? How many groups did you take away? How many groups have you got left? How many total objects?

What if you added 15? How many groups did you add? How many groups have you got now? How many total objects?

Can you split your total in half evenly? 


If yes, how many groups are on each side? How many in total?

If no, how many objects will you have to add until you can split it in half evenly? Do they add up to a whole group of 5?

Year 1 - Lesson 2 - Count in 5s