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Today we would like you to think about the mass of objects in kilograms.  The word 'kilo' means 1000 so a kilogram is the same as 1000g.  What do you think would weigh 1kg?  Can you think of something which might weigh 50kg?  What about 1000kg?





Time to test your skills at reading scales!  A lot of measuring scales have a digital display now and show you in numbers how much something weighs.  However, it is important that we still learn how to read scales which don't have a digital display.  Have a go at this game to practise reading scales accurately.  Remember to look carefully at how much each line on the scales is worth to make sure you are working it out correctly.  The levels get more difficult as you go down the list so maybe start off with the first level and work your way through.  Don't forget to challenge yourself with trickier levels though!