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Resolution and Ending


Hold on tight… things are getting exciting!


Today you are planning the final part of your story. Think of the story mountain as a roller coaster. You’ve spent time introducing the characters and placing them in an exciting situation with the build-up and now you’re at the top of the roller coaster, it’s time to thrill the reader with an exciting ending. Your task today will be to bullet point your resolution and ending and then add them to your plan. Before you do this, I will remind you what each part should contain.


  • Resolution – On Friday, your hero faced a problem. It might seem unwinnable for them but in this part of the story, you will show how your main character overcomes this problem. They might overcome it by being brave, kind or by being smart – really think about how you would like to see this play out if it was in a film.



  • Ending – This should mirror the opening. Think about how we were introduced to your character. How has the story made them better? Are they happier now? Why? Did they manage to make any friends? Did they save the world?


You could always include a twist ending. This is when you shock the reader and end the story in a way that they didn’t expect.


Once you have finished, have a huge rest because creating your own story is hard work! I hope you feel very proud of your achievement and you’re excited to share it with other people. Who knows…maybe this could be next year’s winning story in the 500 words competition or perhaps we will be buying your book of this story in the future.