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I understand the rules of a kenning poem


For today's lesson we are going to look at the rules of a kenning poem. Watch the brief video below and then have a look at the Powerpoint. Were you able to guess the correct animals?


Task 1: Have a look at the three kenning poems below on the worksheet. Can you guess the animal that each poem is describing? Answer the tricky, trickier or trickiest questions in your book. You might be able to guess all three!


Task 2: Have a go at writing a kenning about either your pet or an animal that you like. Make sure that you are giving clues in each line and following the kenning rules. Once you have done this, take a photograph and send your poems via Microsoft Teams and we can guess your animal.

Kennings Poetry Explained KS2

Confused about kennings? This video will show how kenning poems in KS2 work, how to identify kenning poem examples, and how to write your own.