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Today we are looking at the prefix in and the rules when applying this to a root word. Read through the powerpoint below and then have a go at the worksheet in your book. You need to unscramble the word and write a row of that word in your book using your neatest handwriting. Use look, cover, write, check to learn these spellings.


Still image for this video
Watch the video to learn about subordinating conjunctions. What on earth is a WABUB?

This term, we are aiming to increase the conjunctions that we use in our writing to include subordinate conjunctions. Although it sounds tricky, many of you will already be using these words in your writing. Once you have watched the video, have a go at completing the jigsaw sentences on the worksheet below. Don't worry about using every single ISAWAWABUB conjunction today. Pick a challenge from the options below:



Tricky - See if you can use the conjunctions because to finish the first 5 sentences. Remember to check for capital letters and full stops.


Trickier - See if you can use the conjunctions because, when and if to finish the 10 jigsaw sentences.


Trickiest - Use any of the ISAWAWABUB conjunctions to finish the 10 jigsaw sentences and then see if you can write three sentences of your own.

Subordinating Conjunctions Task - I SAW A WABUB