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I can plan a warning story


Task: To think about the story and to innovate and think of your own version of this warning story.


Your story should contain features of this traditional warning story, such as:


  • Your character or characters ignoring a warning.
  • Your character should be a troll who is turned into a natural object. This could be a cave, volcano, cliff, tree or something else.
  • Your troll should ignore danger to help someone or something.


You can use your own ideas or you could borrow some of the ideas below. Create a story map of your version of a warning story. My example is below. If you want to, you can use the planning template below to help you to change the story. This is called 'boxing up your story' and your child has done this, and the story map, many times before as part of our planning lessons.



Top tip: If you are really struggling, use my story map and plan and then change it a little bit to make it your own.

Example of boxing up the story and planning a story map.

English 19 01 2021

Story Map Example Download