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Tuesday 19th January

LO: Can I identify a verb?


Today your english lesson is on bbc bitesize. We would like you to work through each section until you reach the end. There are 3 activities and a quiz to complete today. Please complete the written activities in your home learning books. 


Activity 1

Here you have to find the verbs in the sentences and highlight them


Activity 2

You have been asked to create your own sentences including verbs. Once you have written them please could you highlight or underline the verbs in each sentence. 


Activity 3

Watch andlisten carefully to the video. Write down a list of all of the verbs that you manage to spot. 

Select 5 verbs and put them into a sentence. 


Once you have completed the above activities you can then have a play on Karate Cats. The link is at the bottom of the bbc bitesize page.