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LO:  Can I answer 2 step money problems?

We know that quite a few of you struggled with the 2 step money problems that we set for your learning yesterday.  In order to make sure we don't move on too quickly and we have plenty of opportunities to practise this skill so that we can answer word problems independently we have put yesterday's lesson on again.  If you feel like you need another go at yesterday's work or you want to try it on your own today (if you needed lots of help yesterday) then you can watch the video again and have another go at the questions.  If you managed to answer the questions on your own yesterday and feel confident with answering 2 step problems with money, then you can have a go at the challenge below.  It is really important that children are able to answer worded problems like the ones on the sheet you were given yesterday so think carefully about whether you are ready to move on or whether you think you need a bit more practise.  The challenge is some more 2 step worded problems.
Below are some loop cards that you might want to print out and cut out to practise your word problems.  They are a bit like dominoes so the answer to the word problem is on another card so you need to put the word problem and then answer next to each other so that they eventually make one big loop.  This activity is optional.