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Today is Safer Internet Day so this afternoon we are going to be thinking about how we can stay safe online. 

We'd like you watch Jesse and Friends episode 1. There is also an assembly on the school video section of the website. 

There is lots of information for parents which can be found here too.

What did you think about the cartoon? Which were your favourite parts?

How did Jessie feel when she watched ‘The Funny Tummy’ video?
How did she feel when she watched ‘The Happy Croccy’ video? How did her feelings change?
How did she get help to feel better?


You can choose 1 of the following activities:

Draw a picture of Jesse and her dog, colour it in and add some of the words from the song if you can


Make up some actions for the song and perform it for your family 

You can view the storybook here and print out the last page to colour in if you can