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Good morning Year 1


Today's tasks:


  • Watch the PowerPoint tutorial introducing the e grapheme that makes the long E sound. This is in many common words. The CEWs ‘he’, ‘me’, ‘we’, ‘be’ and ‘she’ have an open long E vowel.

  • Read the words on the PowerPoint. Read the common words that have this grapheme in the PowerPoint.

  • Watch the ‘Deep Beneath the Sea’ song. Make the Green Froggy (index finger and thumb making a smiley face) action each time you hear an e word. Can you recall all of the e words in the video?

  • Complete e Words and Pictures – draw stick pictures to match the CEWs me, he, she or we and colour all the words in colour-code.

Deep beneath the sea

Still image for this video

Today’s high frequency words

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