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Good morning and happy Tuesday! The last Tuesday of half term, and it has certainly gone quickly since the first Tuesday in January when we were told we would be working at home again. You have all done such a fantastic job and we could not be prouder of you if we tried!


Now, today we have a vocabulary challenge. Now I bet some of you (most of you) wont have a thesaurus at home, because we have a little thing called the internet in our lives now, but if you do, great! 


Watch the video below to see what Todays challenge is and also how to go about using a thesaurus if you have one at home. If you don't then there are plenty of online thesauruses where you can search for the alternative words.


The list of words I want you to find alternatives are











Tricky, look for one different word.

Trickier, look for two different words for each one on the list

Trickiest, find two different words and put them each into a silly sentence!