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The Iron Man Kenning Poem

I can write a kenning poem



The Iron Man 

Ground shaker
Fear maker
Sky toucher
Metal cruncher
Movement watcher
Cliff faller
Rock scraper
Twilight dweller



For today's task, we will be writing our own poem about The Iron Man. It will be a short poem that will describe the character and actions of The Iron Man. We will do this bit by bit before putting our poem together at the end of the lesson.



Task One - verbs


For task one, we need to create a list of verbs (doing words) that describe The Iron Man's movements and actions. You can spend 5 minutes listing these. If you run out of ideas, use the link below to an online thesaurus to help you to find similar words (synonyms) to the ones that you already have.




crunch, munch, smash, fall, climb, stomp, destroy, 



Task Two - Nouns


For this task, we are going to do the same as above but with nouns (objects). The can be body parts of The Iron Man or could be the objects that he interacts with in the story, such as the rocks, tractors or the cliff. You could even include nouns to describe how he makes the farmers feel. Spend 5 minutes creating your list.





cliff, ground, foot, tractor, metal, fear, 



Task Three - The poem


A kenning poem contains a two word phrase which describes the action of the subject. Read over the example at the top of the page. What do you notice?


Did you see that each line contains a descriptive phrase. This consists of a noun and a verb


ground (noun) + smash (verb)  = ground smash


You will have already noticed that each line also contains the suffix -er. We will add that to our line 


ground smasher



You are now ready to write your own poem.


1.Match up the nouns and verbs that go together to create your poem.



2 .Make sure each verb ends in -er.


 3. Don't forget that each new line (verse) starts with a capital letter.



Send your poems via Microsoft Teams