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For today's lesson, we will once again be looking at the example of an approaching threat story. We will be looking at what makes this example an effective threat story and then we will be writing an introduction to our own story. Read through the story below.





The features that we will be using in our writing are:


  • Conjunctions to tell people when and how something happened. Examples:   as people's eyes... , while its roar rumbled.
  •  Ask the reader a question.   Examples:   Why here? What had it come for? Why did it look so terribly monstrous?
  • Scary words or phrases for the setting.  Examples: darkness cloaked, pitch-black.
  • Similes (___like a __) or (___as a___). Examples: It flew like a black swan. The creature's spiked tail was as long as an angry river.
  • Show that the creature is scary by showing how people react to it. Example: Children started to cry.
  • Use words to show how big the creature is. Examples: monstrous, magnitude of an earthquake.
  • Sentences of three - Use three ways to describe what the creature is doing. Example:  Its foreclaws tore at the ground impatiently, its fangs snapped while its roar rumbled for miles.



Don't worry about doing all of these today. We are going to focus on the opening paragraph of our story. Thinking back to your plan from Friday, can you remember what the purpose of the opening paragraph is? In our opening paragraph, we will be setting the scene for when Hogarth meets The Iron Man. This means that we will not yet be revealing the threat of the Iron Man. We will be setting the scene and then introducing something unusual.



A good structure for this paragraph would be to:


  1. Talk about the time of day (night) and the cliff with a forest on it.
  2. What can Hogarth see and hear? Owls hooting, waves crashing on the rocks, the wind whistling and trees rustling.
  3. Introduce something strange. Hogarth feels as though he is being watched and then notices a strange, green glow (the eyes of The Iron Man)
  4. We could finish our paragraph by asking the reader a question. What was that green glow? Why did Hogarth feel as though he wasn't alone?



Remember to use conjunctions and similes to make your paragraph exciting. Don't describe or give away the fact that The Iron Man is nearby. Make your paragraph scary but interesting.



If you need any help, please join the live lesson at 9:10am or email