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Writing Task- I can finish and edit my approaching threat story.



For today's lesson, we will be finishing and then editing yesterday's approaching threat story. Before you start, visit the link below for tips about how to edit your work.



Before you start editing your work, read your story out loud. If possible, record yourself so that you can listen back and make sure that it makes sense. Then, one sentence at a time. Check for the following things.


  • Capital letters - for names and the start of sentences.
  • Full stops.
  • Expanded noun phrases - using adjectives to add detail to your writing.
  • Different conjunctions - and, but, so, when, because, after, before
  • You might have used an adverb or maybe even a simile.



Once you have checked for these things, check any spelling that you are unsure of using the dictionary below. If you have found that you have reused the same words over and over again, use the thesaurus below to give you similar words (synonyms).

Reading lesson - Reading for pleasure.


Follow the link below for today's reading lesson. In this lesson, you will be thinking about your favourite books and creating a reading river. Once you have completed this lesson, why not visit the free ebooks section of the website to find your next favourite book.