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Watton's Workouts

Morning Year 4, remember to add a bit of PE into your daily/routine. You know how fab you all are! Each week I will put on some ideas of what you could do.

Always remember to make sure the area you are working in is safe, i.e. nothing you can trip over, knock over or break!



Always start with a warm up. You could almost do the warm up we often do at school, but instead of running around the hall just jog on the spot. Or you could do the following:

  • Jog on the spot for 30secs, and then sprint on the spot as fast as you can counting to 10. Repeat 5 times
  • High knees for 30 secs then jog 30 secs
  • Heel flicks for 30 secs then jog 30 secs
  • Still jogging, alternate your arms, punching up into the air, 10 times each arm
  • Repeat punching down to the ground, 10 times each arm
  • Repeat punching out to the side, 10 times each arm

Are you warm yet? I’m sure you are.

You could use this warm up each time before you start any exercise. Remember to have a drink when you need one!