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WB 11th May 2020

SURVIVORS - Sue Ruff and Bruce Nelson: The couple who were blasted by a volcano (Washington State, USA 1980)

This week we will focus on the actual story from Survivors! I have added a new list of resources for this week that you will need to use on the appropriate day in order to help you complete the work!

You have really done so fantastically well with the work so far - so enjoy creating the writing this week!

2. Plan

Objective: I can use dialogue to advance the action in narrative


Having included descriptive narrative last week, this week you will use these skills to create a really effective piece which will allow you to bring out the emotions of the actual story from the Mount St Helen's eruption. You will need to use the pieces that I have included in the New Resources Section on this page.


Monday: Re-read the story carefully. When you have done this you will need to look at the resources and read the PDF called 'Events from the volcano' You need to reorder the events so that then story makes sense! It would be a good idea to write this down, leaving space between each event as this can start and become a basic plan. This is important as it will assist with the next task. When you have done this it would be a really good idea to find all those emotion words that you devised last Monday, as you might wish to think about which ones are most appropriate for each stage of the story.


Tuesday: The task for today is to use the model example of a volcano story from the new resources. Why? well, you are obviously going to write your own version of the story, so you can use this as your WAGOLL! I have included a version which has been text-marked in yellow (the opening has been text-marked because you might want to Magpie this opening! However today's step is for you to take each section of text and make it YOURS. You do not need to copy the whole thing out, but you need to replace the text for each of those yellow sections with your own words and write these down. Consider the emotions that you would be feeling - AND - make sure that you use the correct grammar and punctuation for each of these parts of dialogue!


Wednesday: Today you are going to begin drawing ALL of you resources together. You now need to plan your story using the resources and your planning. Today, try to begin to draft out the first part using the model to help you. Remember that the dialogue you use should help to influence what happens next in the story. Don't go any further than this! try to make your own version of what you know! Tomorrow will build upon the end of the story!


Thursday: If you need extra time to complete yesterday's work - FINE! Don't PANIC! However, if you want to move on... READ ON! You may wish to just read the story AGAIN! Today you are going to plan the last part of the story (the part where they go to find help until the end when the helicopter arrives) You will need to use the dialogue to advance the action and use the story as a model. Aim to use vocabulary that really lets the reader know that the situation was the most amazingly terrifying experience for these people. Have you used some of those key words you thought of last week? I hope so!


Friday: The aim for today is to see if you now have a really fantastic version of the story, using your own dialogue to ensure that the action is moving on throughout the story. You may wish to up-level what you have written so far. The final thing to do is to illustrate the piece...Can YOU create a better version of the story in the book, with amazing illustrations of the volcano erupting? I'd normally joke with you that the answer to that question is no, but seeing your work so far, I genuinely believe you can!