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WB 13.07.20

Friday 17th July 2020


Good morning Year 1, it's Friday again! Well done for getting to the end of another week! 


In English today you are going to be writing speech bubbles for the crayons from the story, and in Maths there are some time word problems to solve, you can also make your own clock if you'd like?


Before you start your work this morning, can you spot the crayon colours in the wordsearch?


As we are coming to the end of our time in Year 1, we'd love to know what your favourite things have been, you could make a video and post it onto Seesaw.


Have a great day! 




Why did the cat win at chess?


...because he played the puuurrrrfect game!!


(Elliot B Class 3)

Thursday 16th July


Good morning little buddies. Thursday again, and another week down. Racing through the year! Hopefully the weather improves for the last week we are together next week!


We are still looking at time in maths and in literacy we are writing a letter as if we were our very own favourite crayon who is cross with us and wants to quit!


Year 1 Team


Ps What flies and wobbles?

A jellycopter!


This joke was provided by Lucy!

Wednesday 15th July 2020


Good morning everyone happy Wednesday! We hope you're ready for another busy day today!


In Maths we are going to carry on looking at time, and in English we will be writing our own poem about colours. Don't forget to share your work from home on Seesaw.


In Class 3 we have enjoyed learning to draw lots of different objects each morning, why not click on the link below and have a go with us before you get started with your work today?


Have a great day!


Year 1 team.




What did one plate say to the other?


...dinner is on me!

Tuesday 14th July


Good morning again little buddies! It still feels very strange that we are almost at the end of having you in our classes, we will certainly miss you when you go to Year 2 but I know Miss Parker and Miss Worsley are very excited to get to know you even more in September.


In maths today we are looking at time and again looking at half an hour and working with the thirty minute brackets. It is really pleasing to see how well you are working in school. In literacy we are carrying on with our story 'The day the crayons quit' and we are working with adjectives today. I'm very excited by this as its one of my favourite stories.


As ever keep learning about our topic at home, we are learning about the Olympics this week and I would love to see you post some videos of you taking part in Olympic events in your homes (safely of course!)



Year 1 Team


Why do bees have sticky hair?

Because they use a honeycomb!

Monday 13th July 2020


It's Monday again everyone! 


I decided to wait until I got into school to write our morning message as the children in class wanted to say a big virtual hello. This morning we have already done some superhero colouring and our Wake Up Shake Up song. They wondered if you would like to do the same at home so I have attached the links to the colouring and our song. 


Have a wonderful week everyone.


Tommy wanted to share his joke with you this morning...


Why did the football player put on his swimming trunks?...

.... because he loved to dive!


Year 1 Team