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WB 15.06.20

Friday 19th June 2020


Good morning Year 1, we've made it to the end of another week! We hope you've enjoyed this week's activities, we've been super impressed with all of your work as always, well done!!

Today in maths, you are going to be comparing objects up to 50, and in English, you are going to be the teacher for a change and correct some sentences!

Let's hope the weather is a little less rainy than yesterday! Have a great Friday and enjoy your weekend! We are also looking forward to seeing some of you back in school next week!



What is the opposite of a cold front?


...a warm back!!


Thursday 18th of June



Good morning little buddies! It was a lovely day mostly yesterday, although it did start to rain at the end of the school day, even though the sun was still shining! 


Today in maths we are working more on sharing and if you worked as hard as some of the children at school yesterday then I'm certain you will be brilliant at today's work!


In literacy we will be doing some work around the seasons, but if our weather has told us anything, its that we cant always guess what the weather will be like in Summer!



Keep smiling, we are all looking forward to welcoming some of you back next week.


Year 1 Team


Ps, How does the rain tie its shoes?

With a rainbow!

Wednesday 17th June 2020

Good morning everyone it’s Wednesday again we’ve made it halfway through another week! It’s been great to see what you’ve all been up to so far this week in Maths and English. Some of you have also been busy doing some science and history work too which has been lovely to see.

As well as your usual work for today, I’m going to set you a challenge to make your very own weather tool! As we’ve had lots of rain so far this week I thought it might be a good idea to start measuring how much rain is falling each day, so if you’d like to, below are some instructions on how to make a rain gauge. The idea is to keep it outside and to measure how much water (rainfall) is in the rain gauge each day, you could draw a table in your books and write down the measurements every day. 
Have a great day! 



What did one hurricane say to the other hurricane?

...I have my eye on you!! 

Tuesday 16th June


Good morning little buddies! Its not as sunny today but hopefully it will brighten up again in the afternoon like it did yesterday. 


Today in literacy you are going to be writing your own weather poem. We have experienced quite a few different types of weather this week and last. A thunder and lightning storm, heavy and fine rain, and warm sunshine! Lots of different ideas for your poem!


In maths its a quick doubling activity just to keep you refreshed on our two times tables.


Also yesterday we set you a science challenge and today I am going to set you a history challenge. I love history, and today I want you to do some research on changes within your life time. I would like you to look at a picture of yourself when you were younger and then compare it to how you look now. What has changed? You can find the task on the topic tab too.  


I've given you an example below of how I have changed...


Why didn't the sun go to university?

Because it had a million degrees!


Year 1 Team


Monday 15th June 2020


Hello Year 1, it's Monday again! 


We hope you had a wonderful weekend in the rain, sun and thunderstorms! What strange weather we have been having. This week your English work is all about the weather and today you will be learning lots of different weather rhymes. Your maths work today is finding groups and making arrays.  


As we are following a weather theme, poor Ted has a problem he'd like you to help him solve. All the documents you need to help him are in the Topic - Science tabs.  


As always, we would love to see how you get on with your activities this week so please post them on SeeSaw. If you would prefer, you can also email us at We love to hear from you. 


Year 1 Team


...  What did one tornado say to the other tornado? 

     Want to go for a spin?