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W.b. 15.6.20

So, this week's writing task has been taken from the year 6 page because I absolutely love it and I think you will too! 


This week your writing task is a bit more creative - and there are no specific daily instructions (yes, it's true!). The British Library are asking children to create miniature books, and I'm not talking small books like we make in school, I'm talking teeny tiny match box size books! Below is a list of links to The British Library website which explains what miniature books are and what they were used for, and how to make one. 


It is absolutely up to you what you wish to create your book about. You might one to recreate one of the books that are on the website or do something completely different - whatever takes your fancy! You can, of course, make as many miniature books as you like. 


This task is all about being creative. Can you put all of your skills to the test to create your own miniature masterpiece? Please do not worry if you do not have all of the bits and pieces that are suggested to make your book absolutely amazing - you can improvise and may have alternative materials around the house that you can use. You probably have even better ideas!


Start out by using the resources I've linked to and have a think about what you might wish to write about: fairy story, instruction manual, traditional story or recipe book - the possibilities are endless! 


Just remember - presentation is the key!


Please share your ideas on SeeSaw. I can't wait to see them!