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WB 15th June 2020

Aboriginal History & Beliefs

For your writing this week you are going to focus on several different tasks, each of which will give you chance to focus on different skills, whilst also learning about the Aborigine people of Australia.

The country of Australia is absolutely huge and the ancestors of the Aboriginal people moved there over 50,000 years ago!

However, just over two hundred years ago the British colonised Australia and the country was declared a wasteland. Up until the early 1990s the native Aboriginal people had not been treated well, although things have now dramatically improved for the better.


Monday's task:

For today's task, all you need to do is to watch the videos below to gain a better understanding of Aboriginal history. It would be helpful if you recorded - in FULL sentences - as many facts as you can about the background history to the Aborigines and the impact of colonisation on the people. You are going to write a brief factual piece about the Aboriginal people and their way of life tomorrow, so gathering information now will help you.

Aboriginal history.wmv

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


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Tuesday and Wednesday's task:

You are going to write a short factual piece, using the information you gained yesterday about the Aboriginal people and their history. I've also included links to these sites to help you out:


You can illustrate your work in any way that you choose - naturally using Aborginal pattern and design when you do.

Oh yes - and here is a checklist for you to use when planning out your work. Don't worry if you cannot tick off every single part of this!

Thursday and Friday's task:

The Aborigines believe that everything was created at the beginning of time, during what they refer to as The Dreamtime. Carefully look at the following two Powerpoints, as they will help to explain the simple facts in their Creation Story.


In the second Powerpoint - The Story of the Dreamtime - you will find your task for the next two days on slide 12! 


Good luck and I hope that you enjoy finding out about their beliefs!