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WB 18.01.2021

Week Three


This week we are going to begin to make our ideas from Hugo's character description really start and come together!


the overall Learning Objective for this week is:


I can describe a character's appearance and traits



Here are the resources for today's lesson. Firstly, have a listen to this handsome man...

You will now find a PowerPoint (without sound) so that you can then look at each slide carefully when you need to.

After that is a link to the PowerPoint which I have saved in the video library. In this one I will discuss today's work and talk you through the expectations of the lesson!


Here are today's resources everyone. As before, you will find a PowerPoint introduction to the lesson so that you can pause the WAGOLLs to have a read for yourself. You will then find the video version that I have made, with the audio on it. I have included some extra examples for you in that one!

Enjoy being writers again today!


Today's resources are to be found below!

Please watch and READ the instructions on the PowerPoint really carefully so that there is no confusion!

As usual, there is a link to the PowerPoint video, where I shall talk you through what is expected in today's English lesson!

You will need to listen again whilst Mrs Moffett reads chapters 1-4 before starting the work - just go to the' End of the day story' tab on our Remote Learning page! 





Well judging by some of the excellent examples of work that we have seen so far this week, you should be in a good position to complete today’s task.


We are really focusing on the drafting and redrafting process at the moment, so if you have made a good job of your work so far, then you are proofreading and polishing today, along with adding the fine detail!


What you need to do:


Well, you know the deal by now - today, you will use your work from Monday and Tuesday to produce a final edited copy which will be your character portrait of Hugo. We expect that your work will therefore be a minimum of a page to a page and a half (slightly less if you are word processing) and will consist of four paragraphs. However, you will also need to add the descriptions of his feelings and emotions from the work that we did yesterday, Wednesday - show how his expressions and body language helps to describe the way he is feeling or what he is thinking.

Please remember, it is not a copying out exercise - we have to ensure that you develop your ability to draft and then produce the final polished version.


You might like to know that we are going to start and share your written work samples each day from next week - partly as inspiration and also so you can share what the expectations are for Year 6! I was genuinely thrilled that the first piece of work I had back yesterday from one of my boys was over a page and half of brilliant quality ideas with only a few tiny errors and Mrs Moffett was quick to share a similar piece with me from one of the girls in Class 13 - how amazing you areπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

So, over to you - create your brilliant final version of the Hugo character description!