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WB 18.05.20

Friday 22nd May 2020

Good morning everyone! Today is the last day of half term, which means one more day of hard work before you get to enjoy a whole week off next week! 
In maths today you will be using words such as lighter and heavier to talk about weight and mass, and in English you’ve got a letter from Pixie to read before making your own ‘memory rainbow’.

There’s also an extra special activity to have a go at once you’ve completed that task, but I won’t spoil the surprise! Don’t forget to share your work on Seesaw!
As it’s half term next week we have added a half term activities tab onto the Year 1 homepage, which is full of fun ideas to keep you busy but don’t forget to get some rest too as you all deserve it for working so hard over the last few weeks! 

Stay happy, healthy and safe.

Year 1 team 


P.S What kind of tree fits in your hand?


...a palm tree!!

Thursday 21st of May


Another lovely day ahead of us today, make sure if you are spending time outside make sure you are wearing sun screen and a hat and drinking plenty of water. I've added a picture of how to stay sun safe as its still important we get lots of fresh air, but its also important not to get poorly because we are over doing it in the heat!


Our tasks for the day are in the usual spaces, we are looking at measuring different objects from around the house in maths and in literacy you are drawing or writing about what you might find in a giants pocket. I imagine some giant breadcrumbs!


As ever, please stay safe and keep smiling. We have loved seeing everything that you have posted on seesaw so please keep that up!


Year 1 Team




Why wouldn't the prawn share his food?

Because he was a little shellfish!





Wednesday 20th May 2020


Good morning Year 1, we hope you've enjoyed your week so far can you believe it's Wednesday again already?! It's been great to see what you've all been up to this week as always!

It's going to be a very warm day today so make sure you enjoy the sunshine and drink plenty of water!

Your tasks for today are in the usual places so try your best with those and let us know if you need any help. 

It's been a few weeks now since some of you have seen your friends in classes 3 and 4 now, and we know you must be missing each other a lot! Why not record a video message and post it onto Seesaw? I'm sure it would put a smile on everyone's face!


Have a great day!


Year 1 team


P.S what is fast, loud and crunchy?


...a rocket chip!!

Tuesday 19th May


Good morning little buddies! Hope you are still helping around the house and doing your best to stay happy! 

Maths and literacy are still in the usual places, and keep reading as much as you can. A lot of messages have shown you’ve made great progress with your reading since we’ve been off so the more reading you do, the quicker you’ll change your book colour when we’re back!


As ever keep smiling and see you soon. 

Year 1 Team. 

Ps, what do you call a wet bear? 

A drizzly bear. 



Monday 18th May 2020


Good Morning Everyone!


It is Monday again and the final week of this half term! We hope you all had a lovely weekend and did lots of fun things with your families.


This week in literacy you will be completing activities based on a new story about a little pixie. In maths today you are comparing number sentences.


We absolutely love reading your messages, emails and seeing all the pictures of you working so hard. We are really proud of each and every one of you for carrying on your learning so well at home. 


It is going to be a lovely sunny week so make sure you take time to go outside and enjoy the fresh air (wearing suncream and a sun hat of course!) There is a document for Mummy's and Daddy's to read at the bottom of this page with some activities you may like to complete together. 


Have a great week,


Year 1 Team


Why did the sun go to school? get brighter!