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WB 1st June 2020

Creating a News Report


L.O. I can create a journalistic report


This week your task is going to be to create a newspaper front page! Now given that there is a lot of bad news around at the moment, I thought that we would focus on something that is worth celebrating and something that has actually gone right for a change - that being the SpaceX launch that successfully took place on Saturday!

NASA Live: Official Stream of NASA TV

2. Planning


Monday: Okay, let's begin by looking at the Resources section. It is important to ensure that your work is factual and correct. Therefore, in today's session you need to look at the biased and unbiased piece in the resources and make notes on the differences between the two types of reporting. You should also look at the Headlines Powerpoint and the come up with some attention-grabbing headlines of your own. They don't have to be be to do with the mission - just have a go and have a bit of fun. Have a look at a few newspaper websites and articles to get some inspiration.


Tuesday: Today you can begin to become the actual journalist by gathering information about the mission and collecting facts that will help you to open your article. Try to organise the information into sections such as:


Build up to the launch

Launch day and take-off

The flight into space

Plans for the future of the mission

These are just ideas - you don't have to use them and don't use them as subheadings. Using your ideas from yesterday, also come up with an attention-grabbing headline for your article. Need help? Then read the example in the Resource section - Pages 15-17 and 29. I've also included links to the articles already written in three different newspapers!wink


Wednesday: In today's session, aim to collect a selection of quotes from articles that you can find on the internet. For example, can you find things that the two astronauts said before or during the mission that might have told everyone how they were feeling? Are there any comments from spectators who were watching the lift off? What did the people at Nasa say to journalists when discussing the mission? What comments did any important people - such as Elon Musk make about the success of the mission so far? Collect these using a range of sources - you can 'Magpie' them into your work! Collect as many as possible and write them correctly, using correct grammar and punctuation.


For example. "Bob and I have been working on this program for five years, day in and day out," Hurley said.


Thursday Today you can draft out your article and aim to think about the balance of factual information, quotes and structure of the piece. Any problems - don't forget that you can use the example (Piece D in the resources - The Cornwall News, as a WAGOLL for your work. You might want to bear in mind that this was a piece judged to be Greater depth within the Expected Standard - in other words, nearly there!) You can also proof read the article before tomorrow!


Friday: Today you can now design your actual front page, bringing all of the elements of the article together into a newspaper design with the columns of writing. Don't forget to include the catchy headline and the journalist's name (yours!) Also don't forget to share them on Seesaw and via the website!