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WB 20th April 2020

Then Chapter 4 Comprehension questions

SURVIVORS - Mauro Prosperi: The desert runner who drank his own wee

All the resources for the writing are listed below.

The story has been scanned in full, but has had to be done page by page. 

Other links and examples are provided, but there is a lot of information about Mauro and lots of brilliant footage of sandstorms on Youtube - an example has been provided, but you can also find your own.

Use the plan - it will tell you which resources you need to use for each activity

1. The story - SURVIVORS - Mauro Prosperi: The desert runner who drank his own wee

2. Sandstorm Video 1

Still image for this video

3. Sandstorm Video 2

5. Plan

Objective: To write a descriptive story

There are three separate parts to this activity and you can use the resources section (above) to help you.


Activity 1. (Mr B recommends doing this carefully over two days and you do it how you like)

Read the story of Mauro Prosperi and watch the videos (you can look at other examples if you wish, but it is not necessary).

From the resources section, use the Sandstorm writing template pictures and the Sandstorm facts to annotate (make notes on) each of the pictures from the start of the storm to the end. You do not need to print each picture, but for each one try to list the most appropriate facts from the sheet that fit with that picture AND use the wordlist to create a wordbank for each of the four pictures - you can add extra words of your own. You basically need to build-up ideas for your story - but take your time, as you can play around with language here. Sorted? Have a go!


Activity 2. This is a planning activity and it should take two days. DO NOT DO ALL OF THIS IN ONE GO, as you need to make it easy to concentrate on the task in hand - you are eventually going to write your own version of a story where YOU are caught in a sandstorm from beginning to end. First of all look at all the ideas you came up with over the past few days - re-read the story and watch the videos if you wish. Now... from the resources section, read the 'River Story' by Meredith Cooper. You are going to have a go at using it as a model for swapping in your sandstorm ideas and knowledge, so that it uses the basic framework and gives you a framework to build on. You can also look at the 'Model for writing in the style of River Story' piece to help you.

Right - try and draft out the opening part. Set the scene where you are alone in the desert and you see the approaching 'wall' of whatever it is coming in the distance. Use the plans, use the model story and the rich language that you have been provided with AND researched yourself. When you are proud of it the opening, go and chill in the sunshine and send us an example of your ideas! Come back tomorrow and continue to complete the planning stage for each of the three remaining pictures.


Activity 3. You might be able to guess... but I'll tell you next week!


Take care - take pride in your work and 'craft' your writing using the most precise vocabulary choices you can and make both Mrs Moffett and myself feel as though we are actually in that storm with you!