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WB 23.03.20

Friday 27th March 2020


Good morning Year 1...happy Friday!!

Mrs Kofon, Mrs Moores and Mr Nixon want to say a big thank you to everyone in Year 1 for being so amazing! So this week you are all Berkeley's Best!!

We've got another busy day planned for you all again today! We hope you've enjoyed all of your home learning this week. We have definitely loved seeing all of your photographs, they have made us all smile so keep them coming! 

If you get a chance today, Chester Zoo are hosting a virtual day at the zoo today where you can watch all of your favourite animals LIVE from 10.00am this morning. All you have to do is log on to their Facebook page and follow the instructions. How exciting!!

One last thing, during times like these when things feel a little strange, it is important you spend time having fun! So weekends from now are all about fun! Please complete as many activities as possible from the list below over the next few weekends. Why not add some of your own ideas to the list too! Enjoy!



Where do cows go on Friday nights?


...To the mooooo-vies!!!


Year 1 team.


Thursday 26th of March


Good morning little buddies. I hope you’ve taken an opportunity to be safe in the sunshine. What a fantastic spell of weather we have had this week. Perfect for some of our ‘how does the weather change?’ activities.  It has been a genuine pleasure to see your work and it has made us so so proud of you all the way you have taken to these confusing times. Keep up the hard work guys and please keep sharing all the things you are proud of. 

Now for one of my highlights of the day, the joke! Today’s fits perfectly with our theme of time!


When do ducks get up in the morning? 

At the quack of dawn!



See you soon,


Year One team.



Wednesday 25th March 2020


Good morning everyone! Happy Wednesday!


We hope you've been enjoying this lovely sunny weather and have managed to get outside for a walk or spent some time in the garden.

Can you believe we are already halfway through our first week of home learning? We hope you've all had lots of fun doing your activities! We would love to see some photos of you all getting busy at home, please send them to

Are you all ready for another fun filled day? Click on the Maths and English tabs to find today's tasks.In the topic tab you will find lots of exciting activities to choose from about our topic 'How does the weather change?' Choose one activity from the grid each day if you can.

If you are looking for a calming and relaxing activity during the day why not try some yoga?

Click on the link below and choose a video to follow we know how much you all love yoga at school!


Enjoy your day!


P.S Don't forget to share today's joke...

How do you count cows?


...with a cow-culator!


Tuesday 24th of March 


Good morning little buddies! I hope you told as many people that brilliant joke, I know we did. There’s another one coming further down in a moment...


Just like yesterday there are the activities to do on the maths and English page, but if you didn’t access it yesterday we would definitely recommend starting your day with Joe Wicks on his YouTube live stream at 9 o’clock. However if you miss it you can do it at any point in the day as the videos are saved. 

Now, are you ready to share your joke of the day? 

How do the seas say hello to each other? 

They wave! 


Year 1 team. 


Monday 23rd March 


Good morning year 1!


We hope you have enjoyed the sunshine this weekend. We know it will feel very strange not being in school but we have lots of things prepared to keep you busy. Why don't you start the morning with Wake up Shake Up! Click on the link below and get yourself ready for a fun packed Monday. We have planned some fun English and Maths lessons for you to do this week, just click on the home learning tabs and complete the tasks in your home learning book. You might like to take some pictures too, we'd love to see them. 


Find someone in your house to tell them today's joke and brighten up their morning too - 


Why wasn't Cinderella very good at football? 


...because she kept running away from the ball!


We miss you all lots,


Year 1 team