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WB 27th April 2020

Reading - Choose an activity from one of the Bingo Boards found on the Challenge Button


SURVIVORS - Mauro Prosperi: The desert runner who drank his own wee

The work this week will consist of two tasks. You will need to use your work from last week for the first task. For the second task, you will have something a little different to do! We thank you for sharing all of the examples of work from last week - hopefully, you can really excel yourselves this week!


Task 1. (Mr B suggests completing this task over two days) This is the Activity 3. that I mentioned last week. For this piece of work you will need to develop you work from last week so that you have evidence of extended, independent work. You may wish to revisit the resources from last week and make sure that you think about how you can develop the descriptive elements of your work. You may wish to add some speech into your work now - but make sure that you use the correct convention for doing this. You may also wish to magpie some of the excellent work that has been shared with us all! By the time you have completed, you should have clear evidence of a super extended piece.


Monday - Complete the work for the first TWO sections of the piece.

Tuesday - Complete the work for the second two sections.


Task 2. Normally, with the SATs so near, we would ask you to complete the following activity, so here it is! We have always asked the Year 6 to use the example test papers and their fantastic knowledge to write their own SpaG test papers to check their knowledge, ready to do battle with the SpaG test itself! So, choose one of the following tasks and try to ensure that you write an accurate test to try out on someone at home! (Please do NOT copy any examples from your tests, but do use them to guide you)


Tricky - Compile your own SpaG test with 20 questions - don't forget you need to make your own answer sheet!

Trickier - Compile your own SpaG test with 30 questions - and answers,

Trickiest - Compile your own complete test, along with 10 SAT style spellings and the answer sheet.


When you have completed the very special paper, you can use it to test your parents to see if they are able to answer the questions that you are expected to! Please share your work, examples and results with us at the end of the week! We will share examples here and on Seesaw - best of luck guys!