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WB 30.03.20

Friday 3rd March 2020


Good morning Year 1... Happy Friday!! 


We hope you've had a great week. There are a couple more activities for you to complete today then you can have a big rest over the Easter holidays!


In Maths today you are going to be your very own shopkeeper, and in English you're going to have a go at writing sentences to describe the tiger in the story. 



We now have a new area where you can share all of your photos and videos with us. All parents have been sent an email with the link and code for our year group. Please update us with what you get up to over the Easter holidays. 


There are also lots of fun activities saved on our class page and a really exciting April challenge to keep you busy over the next couple of weeks, don't forget to keep checking for morning messages and remember we are here to help if you need us.


Have a great day


Year 1 team


P.S what kind of stories do rabbits like best?


...ones with hoppy endings!!


Thursday 2nd of April


Good morning little buddies, hope you enjoyed doing your days of the week work yesterday and making your story map for the tiger who came to tea. We’ve got some exciting work lined up again for you today. In maths we will start looking at money today and comparing different coins. In literacy you are going to be retelling the story and 

you can use your story map to help you. If you’re stuck you can always watch Mrs Moores tell you the story again!


As ever, we are so so proud of everything you are doing, you really are amazing and everything we are seeing, 

pictures, videos, art work and Lego creations, is totally blowing us away.


A quick memo for the adults reading this, if you are finding it difficult to log into spelling shed or you can’t find the passwords in the diary then please email us at and address it to myself, Mrs Moores or  Mrs Kofon.


Joke time,

Knock Knock

Who’s there?


Lettuce who?

Lettuce in its cold outside! 

Year 1 team.

Wednesday 1st April 2020


Good morning everyone happy Wednesday, we hope you've had a great start to the week and have enjoyed all of your learning so far! We're sure you've all had a chance to have a look at the photographs of your home learning on our Year 1 page, have you spotted any of your friends?


We have another busy day planned today, in Maths you are going to be learning about the days of the week, click on the links below where you will find some songs to help you remember the days in the correct order!


In English you are going to be drawing your own story maps for our new story 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea'. We know how much you love drawing story maps in school and we'd love to see them so don't forget to send us lots of photos of your amazing drawings. You could even ask somebody to record you reading the story using your story map, just like Mrs Moores did on Monday, and send it to us, we'd love to post some of them on the website for you all to see!


Have lots of fun!


Year 1 team



Why did the tiger lose at monopoly?


...because he was playing with a cheetah!!



Tuesday 31st of March.


Good morning little buddies! Hope you are doing ok and enjoyed Mrs Moores’ video yesterday. Stay tuned as I’m sure there will be more videos in the near future, I’m just trying to get Millie the dog to stay still long enough at breakfast time to show the clock but it’s all too exciting for her.

Anyway, today’s work is in the areas and the websites below are a fantastic addition to your home learning. I hope you’re all carrying on the fantastic work and please send anything you are proud of to the teacher email. Keep up the hard work and we will hopefully we will see you soon. 

Finally, it’s time for today’s joke.


What do you call a dog magician? An abracalabrador.



Year 1 team. 

Monday 30th March


Good morning Class 3 & 4!


Welcome to week 2 of home learning. We have seen lots of photos of you working hard and we are super proud of you all! Please keep sending your photos of you working and having fun to


David Walliams is sharing a free audio book everyday on his website below, find somewhere comfy and have a listen at some point this week! 

Carol Vordaman has made her 'The Maths Factor' website free to access at the moment so click on the link for lots of fun maths games and activities!


Phonics play have also made their website free for this period. There are lots of familiar games to play, click either phase 3, 4 or 5!

On top of all of that we have planned another fun week of learning! Click on this week in each subject folder to see what we have planned for you. But before you do any of that, don't forget to find someone to tell them today's joke...


Knock knock

Who's there?

A titch

A titch who?

Bless you!


Have a great week,
Year 1 team!